Lesson Costs

  • 1 Hour Lesson £29
  • 2 Hour Lesson £55
  • 10 Hour Block (first 10 hours) £240

    Save £50 on your first block of 10 hours

  • 10 Hour Block (subsequent 10 hours) £260

    Save £30 on subsequent blocks of 10 hours

  • Driving Assessment £50

    2 Hours Duration

    Get an idea of how your driving measures up to modern standards and what help we can offer you.
    For those who have a little experience through to the fully qualified.

  • 30 Hour Block Course £750

    For those who have not had driving lessons before or have very little experience, designed with 17 to 25 year olds in mind. Save £30 (instead of 3 blocks of 10)

Note: All Block Bookings are NON-Refundable

  • ADI Assessment​ £50 per Hour

    ADI Assessment​ for your Check Test
    Let a Grade 6 instructor pass on the vital information you need to gain a good grade.​

  • ADI Problem Solvers Contact Ray for Price

    Having troubles getting your instruction across to pupils? Let Ray give you the edge with his expert knowledge and advice.​

PLEASE NOTE: We do not train ADI’s from scratch but we offer help and advice to both trainees and qualified ADI’s

Training Car

Audi Car
Audi a3 2ltr 170bhp tdi s line Black Edition

Our Promise To You

The usual first question is “How many lessons will I need?” this is impossible to answer. Everyone learns at a different rate. The national average is 45 hours tuition and 25 hours private practice. Some 17 year olds can do it in 20 hours, others take  longer. A lot depends on the pupils attitude, if they are tired, if they have a one or two hour lessons etc, etc.

It is our aim to deliver lessons at a pace to suit you. Although we work to a carefully calculated training plan, we understand that not everyone learns at the same pace and so all our lessons are adaptable to your needs. This ensures that you do not start your next lesson feeling unsure or uncertain about the subject of the last one.

Lessons are delivered in a way that makes it fun to learn and we promise to give you as much ‘driving per hour’ as possible, and will not sit at the road side giving unnecessary verbal tuition or chatting about irrelevant subjects which are just wasting your money.

SOME schools will teach almost entirely within the test routes, relying on the pupil to take further training after taking the practical test e.g. The Pass Plus.

WE always use a wide selection of roads and not just ‘test route’ roads, we aim to give you as much experience and knowledge as possible during your lessons, so you are “road ready” when you pass your driving test . Ray teaches “real world” driving, so expect the unexpected when you are nearing “Test standard”!