Before Booking

Please Read Before you book your first lesson

Before you can drive the school car

You will need to show your instructor your driving licence and prove that you are able to read a new style car number plate that is 20 metres away from you  or an old style plate that is 20.5 metres away.
You could check it yourself before booking a lesson, but your instructor will also check on your first lesson.

If you do not have a licence yet – read on:

You need to have a permanent address in England, Scotland or Wales in order to apply for a provisional driving licence.
Before you can learn to drive you must have your Provisional Driving Licence. Saying that you have applied is not acceptable.
You can apply for the licence online or by post.

You will need a passport style photo and the fee is £34 online or £43 by post.

Age Requirements

You must be aged 17 or over before you can drive a car or begin to learn to drive  on a public road (Those in receipt  of mobility component of the disability living allowance may apply at sixteen years of age) but you can apply for a provisional licence up to 3 months before your 17th birthday.

Eyesight Requirement

As part of the practical driving test, you must be able to read a new style car number plate from a distance of 20 metres (if it is an old style plate 20.5m) the examiner will do this at the start of your practical test. If you need to wear glasses to read the number plate you will be expected to wear glasses for the whole of your driving test.
If you are unsure if you meet the eye test standard, have your eyesight checked by an optician.

Questions to ask an Instructor before booking any instructor

How long have you been a driving instructor?

Since 2000

It’s nice to know that they have some real experience

What Grade has my Instructor gained?

Grade 6 !!!

It’s the best possible! Anything below 4 is sub standard

Can I have the same instructor for all my lessons?

You need the same instructor, he/she knows what you did last

What type of cars do you use? And can I sit in the car before I book lessons?

You need to be comfortable, check you can get the seat in the right position to use the pedals correctly

Are the cars dual controlled?

Yes! You know that the instructor can take over if things go wrong

Do I have the same car for every lesson?

Yes. It wastes your money learning to drive a different car each lesson

Do you have an individual pick up service?

Yes we do. You won’t be taking the last pupil home in your lesson time

Do you work weekends?

Some instructors keep weekends free for those nearing their test day

Can you pick me up after school, work or college?

Yes we can!

Some instructors only pick up and drop at a set point

How much are your lessons?

You only get what you pay for – the cheapest rarely means the best!!!

Which test centre do you use?

Camborne. If this is important to you ask before you book a lesson

What is your pass rate?

Although this can be misleading, a better question is:  How many students pass first time?

How many faults on average do your pupils get on a test?

This should tell you how well they have been taught

How long is each lesson?

Full hourly lessons. Some instructors use one pupil to drive the last one home

What happens if I can’t make it to a lesson that is booked?

Find out how much notice you need to give, see Terms & Conditions

Do you offer discounts for block bookings?

Yes. See what the best deal your instructor can offer you

Please Remember:

A Registered Driving Instructor must have passed all the relevant exams and had their name entered on the register held by the D.V.S.A. They must display a green A.D.I. identification certificate (or a pink one if the instructor is a trainee and waiting to pass the instructional exam.

You cannot pay anyone other than a D.V.S.A. Approved Instructor to teach you to drive, if anyone takes any form of payment even for the fuel used they are liable to be prosecuted and they could face receiving a £200 fine and having their vehicle seized for driving without appropriate insurance.

Section 123 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 prohibits drivers from receiving payment in monetary terms for providing driving instruction, unless they have passed the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) demanding three-part instructors test.

If you drive without the right supervision you can be fined up to £1,000 and get 3 to 6 penalty points on your provisional licence, a person holding an Automatic licence cannot supervise in a car with a manual gearbox.

Anyone who teaches you to drive must be over 21, qualified to drive the type of vehicle that you are learning to drive in and have held (and still hold) a full licence for 3 consecutive years. They must also have insurance cover for you to drive the car.