About Street Wise

Street Wise will get you through your driving test!

Ray is married with two daughters and lives in Camborne, he originally joined one of England’s biggest driving schools, but found that he was unable to give the personnel attention and care that he felt his customers deserved and paid for, so in 2000 he joined forces with another instructor, Maurice Neal, to form Street Wise Training.

After  years of practical teaching, and completing  further advanced training and improvement courses  Ray has achieved the highest accolade in driving instruction, the coveted Grade 6 qualification, something that all strive to achieve but only 6% of  fully qualified instructors in UK ever manage to gain.

How does this help me you ask, Ray not only has a very high first time pass rate but also a very low fault rate on every test, he prides himself in giving you the best instruction possible.  He will not waste your  time parked at the side of the road discussing irrelevant subject matter, but will ensure that you get as much driving time as possible during each and every one of your lessons.

All pupils are encouraged to ask questions about the days lesson or any other driving subject. Ray knows that each pupil learns at a different rate and may have problems outside the car,  and so encourages pupils to chat about driving and any problems that may affect the lesson.

We can also help with…

If you have passed your test but still feel uncertain about any aspect of your driving ability, give Ray a call, he can assess and help you rectify any weakness you may have.

Having your driving checked by an expert is not an admission of failure, it’s common sense. Your life and other lives depend on your ability to drive safely.

If parking the car or reversing is still worrying you, an hour with Ray could solve your problem.

Remember we are here to help, not to criticise you.

The future…

As you may be aware there are suggestions to change all the rules about driving and driving tests for under 25’s.

One of the problems seems to be driver education, intensive courses that just uses the ‘test routes’ and instructors who always teach within the set routes.They are not teaching driving for life, just how to pass the test.

All drivers need training on all types of roads and in different conditions.

Ray will always ensure that every pupil has as much varied experience as is possible.

What’s Available with Street Wise?

  • Top Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving instructor
  • Pass Plus registered Instructor
  • Advance Driving
  • Motorway Training
  • City Centre Course
  • Pick up from home, college or work if within our working area.
  • Theory Test Tuition
  • Free Theory test material
  • Free Helpful Hand Outs
  • Access to the Street Wise Pupils pages on the website.
  • Check Test guidance and coaching for both Trainee and Qualified Instructors
  • Lesson delivery help for instructors
  • A high performance car that adds a new dimension to driving lessons
  • An Instructor with years of experience