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Booking a Test

Beware there are sites that charge you an extra booking fee just to do what you can do for free. Here are the links to the official D.V.S.A. site where you can book safely.

Don’t get caught!  – There is no extra booking fee at the D.V.S.A. – Make sure you use the links above

How can we help you?

Areas Covered

We provide driving lessons in Camborne, Redruth, Hayle, Helston, Truro and surrounding areas. Contact us to see if we can help you. We will always try, within reason, to arrange pick ups and drop offs to suit you

Grade 6 Instructor

A grade 6 instructor has proved they are the best, they can save you money because you stand more chance of passing first time.

I have a high first time pass rate, and a very low fault rate on each test. So it will make a difference. If you only had 2 faults on test, but someone else passed with 12 faults, they are making 6 times as many mistakes in a 40 minute drive as you. Therefore you reduce the odds of an accident !

Take a parent for a ride

It may seem strange at first having a parent sat in the back seat, but many years may have passed since they passed their test. They may not know all the new highway rules. So before you have a private lesson with them it’s a good idea to have them sit in on a lesson first. Click Here for more details.

Hall of Fame

Zero Faults on Test

Alex Venables

Conor Harris

Liam Richards

Sharron Wayman

Treve Stock

Tristan Stevens

Josh Summers

Christian Burrell

A great instructor. Very patient and has great skill explaining things. Doesn’t lose his nerve under pressure – This must be a hard skill to master for an instructor!

Karenza V

“This guy could teach a chimp to drive!”

Ade H