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Below is a photo gallery of real fatal accidents,

 There are some quite shocking ones amongst them.

Nearly all are caused by driver error, going too fast or not taking in what was going on around them.

Please remember that just one alcoholic drink, showing off to your friends, racing your mate or using you phone and your car could be in the gallery below

Learning to drive on all types of road is vital for your survival, but being taught or shown by your mates could be fatal, what you learn from a top professional instructor could save your life and the lives of your mates.

At Streetwise we aim to teach you how to deal with most situations you meet on the road. By using a high performance car to teach you, we hope that you will learn that speed is not everything, a good driver can cover the same distance safely without endangering anyone else and arrive at the same destination in much the same time.

Don’t find out  how long it takes a professional driver to reach you after your accident, the Police and Ambulance drivers have all been on a special high speed driving course, just to save your life.

This is a major cause of accidents in UK, it is dangerous to use one while driving even with a remote headset or through any Bluetooth system,  any distraction while driving could be fatal.

  DON’T  TALK AND DRIVE  it may be the last person you ever speak to.

When it goes wrong


Sadly, driver error remains the most common cause of road accidents.

Scroll down to see what can happen,

Around 475 people a year are killed in crashes in which someone exceeds the speed limit or drives too fast for the conditions.

Drink Driving
Around 250 people die a year in crashes in which someone was over the legal drink drive limit.

Seat Belt Wearing
Around 300 lives each year could be saved if everyone always wore their seat belt.

Careless Driving
More than 300 deaths a year involve someone being "careless, reckless or in a hurry", and a further 125 involve "aggressive driving".


Around one third of fatal and serious road crashes involve someone who was at work.

More than 430 people are killed in crashes involving young car drivers aged 17 to 24 years, every year, including over 150 young drivers, 90 passengers and more than 180 other road users.

Failed to Look Properly
40% of road crashes involve someone who ‘failed to look properly’.  

Loss of Control
One third of fatal crashes involved ‘loss of control’ of a vehicle. Failed to Judge Other Person’s Path/Speed One in five crashes involve a road user failing to judge another person’s path or speed.

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Near your Home

52% of accidents happen within 5 miles and 69% within ten miles of your home, and about 33% occur within a mile of your home, the old saying  “familiarity breeds contempt” is true, don’t relax because you know the area, the guy coming the other way might not.

1901 people died in road traffic accidents in 2011, 60 of them were children, 453 were pedestrians.  475 were killed because the driver was going too fast

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Dont talk and drive