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Driving test changes from 04/12/17


I'm going to KILL YOU

Not only is it illegal to use it when you are driving, but you could end up injured or dead!

The penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving  has increased to £60 and three penalty points added to the drivers' licence

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What does a test cost.

At the moment tests fees are:

Theory  test                         £31

Practical Driving test            £62

Evening or weekend test       £75

Waiting time for a test

Penzance           4 weeks

Camborne           8 weeks

Pass Rates

Penzance      48%

Camborne      50%

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The idea might seem strange at first, having a parent sitting in the back during a lesson, but think about it, do they know all the new rules, do they know what  you should be doing at any point in a lesson, if the answer is no, then what happens when they take you out for private practice? 

A lot can be learned from sitting in the back seat, because they don’t have to be in total control, they can sit back, watch, listen and learn.

It enables them  to see traffic situations developing and to understand that a gentle hint will save an argument later when things go wrong because they said nothing.


Think  what you could gain, well it’s free and  sitting in the back during a lesson not only shows you what your offspring  is spending their money on, but would give you a clear insight as to what happens during a modern driving lesson.  By sitting and watching you will be able to see developing situations long before you would from the passenger seat, so when it comes to being the supervising driver during private practice you will have a definite advantage.

Who knows, you might learn something as well.  

Before you take to road in the passenger seat, why not have a two hour session on your own with Ray to bring you up to date; so you and he are singing from the same hymn sheet (as the saying goes).  Remember passing the driving test is not just about aiming the car around the test route, it’s knowing where to look and when, it’s about being in the correct place at the right moment and reading what is going on around you. So investing £45 in a two hour session might save a lot of arguments as to who is right or wrong during practice sessions.


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This is one of the biggest causes of accidents in UK






Only 1 in 4,000 achieve this!


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Here it comes again, winter. For many motorists this time of year can mean delays, breakdowns, and subsequently, loss of earnings, not to mention the higher accident rate!

Not all, but some of these can be avoided with a little planning.

Let’s start with ANTI FREEZE. Maximum protection, (usually a 50-50 mix) of water to anti-freeze will safeguard your engine down to -34 degrees. If unsure, consult your local garage, better to pay a little for anti-freeze, than a whole lot more for a new engine!

A lot more accidents occur during the winter months, sometimes believe it or not, due to some drivers trying to see through a tea plate size piece of windscreen that they’ve cleared of snow or ice! You could face a hefty fine at best if stopped for trying to drive in an igloo! CLEAR ALL WINDOWS OF SNOW AND ICE.

Set off for journeys earlier, but take some winter essentials in your boot, a spade, ice scraper, de-icer, windscreen chamois pad, blanket, extra clothing, and a spare pair of “snow friendly” shoes just in case, In extreme “forecast” conditions ONLY DRIVE IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, but do include some emergency food supplies and water!

Finally, brake earlier and much more gently than normal, use a higher gear to move off, give a lot more distance between you and the car in front, it takes up to ten times longer to stop in snow/ice conditions, and DRIVE SLOWER! Remember, if conditions are different, your driving should be different!

Don’t forget to take a FULLY CHARGED MOBILE PHONE, not to chat your mates, but to call for for help. It might not be you in trouble, but your call could save a life at the scene of an accident.