When you book a driving instructor they are definitely not all the same, booking with a highly qualified instructor should mean less lessons, better instruction, better subject knowledge and most important FOR YOU  a better test result.

They may charge a little more per hour, but in the end they can work out cheaper.

To retake a driving test, plus the cost of extra lessons and the use of the car for the test can be a lot of money . To re sit a practical driving test costs £62 and the extra lessons and use of the car about another £130 making £192 extra to save a few pounds per lesson and  probably reduce your chance of passing the practical test.

To become an Approved Driving Instructor it is necessary to pass three examinations.

Part one: Theory and Hazard Perception

Part Two: The Driving Test

Part Three: The Ability to Teach

The Part three test relies on role-play. The Examiner will describe each pupil to the candidate and then role-play the pupil The instructor will then need to adapt their instruction to suit the personality and level of ability of that particular student.  

The maximum grade attainable is six, a grade of at least four in each part is required to pass the exam

This is a very difficult exam and ensures only very good candidates become A.D.I’S

Successful candidates will be graded from 4 to 6 and invited to join the ADI register and display a green ADI Badge in the windscreen of their car.

Only 24% of those who start out will ever pass this exam.

Instructors are subject to regular check tests to ensure the standards are maintained

If the candidate is successful after about a year they will be asked to take a ‘Check Test’ this is very similar to a school Ofsted inspection. On this occasion a senior examiner will sit in the back of the car and watch a normal lesson progress. The SE scrutinises every aspect of the lesson to ensure that the instructor is giving a safe, well prepared and controlled lesson. He assesses if the pupil has made progress and if the instructor has provided the correct instruction for the level of driving the pupil has reached.

At the end of each test the Examiner discusses the lessons given and issues a check test result form that shows test grade is awarded.

They are:

Grade1 (Very Bad)

Instruction is grossly wrong, potentially incorrect or actually dangerous and/or serious short comings in attitude and approach.

Grade 2 (Poor)

Numerous deficiencies, such as inaccuracies, serious omissions and/or serious shortcomings in attitude and approach.

Grade 3 (Inadequate)

Unacceptable errors and shortcomings in technique and /or attitude or behaviour.

Grade 4 (Adequate) (52%of instructors reach this level)

Some shortcomings that need attention.

Grade 5 (Good) (33% of instructors  obtain this level)

Only minor deficiencies

*Grade 6 (Very Good) …TOP 6% IN THE UK.

The highest standard with “no significant weaknesses”

So How Does All This Affect YOU

Some instructors start out by using a Trainee Licence, that’s the pink triangle shown above which must be displayed in the car windscreen. This means they have passed the Part 1 exam (Theory and Hazard Perception) and they have passed Part two (the Driving Test), and they must have completed a training course. Then they can apply for a Trainee Licence and use this time to gain experience to enable them to take and attempt to pass their Part 3 qualifying exam, (which they may never pass, but still teach pupils for money UNTIL THEY  PASS THE  PART 3 EXAM OR FAIL IT THREE TIMES then they have to re sit all the exams again).

Some trainee instructors are very good, but lack the experience of a fully qualified instructor.

During their check test some instructors may be found to be below standard and so are working on improvement, but still allowed to teach. They will be rechecked with a certain period of time.

An instructor with a high grading has proved to a senior examiner that he/she is much better than the rest, and those with a grade 6 are the best!

A really good instructor can teach you to drive safely and to reach the test standard in fewer lessons. He knows which faults to look for on every bit of the road, and he knows how to help you correct them. He knows how to guide you through each set manoeuvre, he knows how to build your confidence not only on the day of the test but for the rest of your driving career, you will never forget what  a good instructor has taught you.

So Better instruction means:


 So just ask… “What grade instructor are you?”


Whats a 6



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