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VRS Training car

“The first impression of the Skoda was that it was a quality product and my feelings haven’t changed in the last couple of years. Everything feels well put together; the seats are extremely comfortable, the interior materials and switchgear are unmistakably VAG and are good quality, especially the leather on the wheel, gearstick and handbrake. Despite being a bit older than my previous Polo, the Fabia is well equipped with air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, adjustable steering wheel and a multifunction computer. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a couple of optional extras on my car such as cruise control and an electric sunroof. The engine produces 130bhp but more impressively 230 lb ft of torque, which makes for strong mid-range acceleration and effortless cruising. To quote some amusing Wikipedia stats, the Fabia vRS covers 50-70mph in 5.6 seconds which is quicker than a BMW 330i and covers 20-40 mph in 2.4 seconds, the same as an Elise 111R. For a car that cost around £12,000 when new, Skoda managed to make the Fabia vRS a bit of a giantkiller.”

Real World Review: MK1 Skoda Fabia vRS